Blog Series

We run blog series on topics of contemporary relevance that invite analyses from different angles. Check out our series on State Capitalism, Pressure in the City, and Financial Inclusion below.

BLOG SERIES: State capitalism(s) – Interrogating the ‘return’ of the state in development

From Quantitative Easing to neo-mercantilist policies, the renewal of industrial policy, the multiplication of sovereign wealth funds and marketized state-owned enterprises, increased state participation in global value chains and global networks of corporate ownership, the state seems to be ‘back in business’ everywhere. This raises a series of questions: Are we witnessing a shift to […]

Blog Series: Pressure in the City

The Covid-19 pandemic and the restructuring of the global economy it has triggered have exacerbated the need to study a topic that has flown under the radar of social scientists for too long: individuals and social groups experiencing economic pressure which manifests in myriad of somatic and psychological ways. The fallout from pressure — sleeplessness, […]

BLOG SERIES: Inclusive or Exclusive Global Development? Scrutinizing Financial Inclusion

“Financial inclusion is a key enabler to reducing poverty and boosting prosperity.” – The World Bank (2018) “[Policies of financial inclusion] serve to legitimize, normalize, and consolidate the claims of powerful, transnational capital interests that benefit from finance-led capitalism.” –  Susanne Soederberg (2013). Financial inclusion has been high on the agenda for policy-makers over the […]