Critical Development Economics Resources


Where do critical development economists publish their articles and blog posts? Where can you read critical research on development economics? What kind of textbooks do critical development economists teach from? Here is a preliminary list of journals, blogs, and textbooks (but please send any additions you might have!).

Critical Development Economics Journals

There are also many heterodox economics journals that publish development-related content (see a list from the Heterodox Economics Directory or from Union for Radical Political Economy).

Critical Development Economics Textbooks
Sick of that Development Economics textbook by Debraj Ray that appears to be taught in all development economics undergraduate courses? There are a few good alternatives out there for both the undergraduate and graduate level courses:

There’s also an exciting textbook to be released this fall by Erik Reinert, Jayati Ghosh and Rainer Kattel: Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development. Also, see here for heterodox economics textbooks.

Blog Resources
There are some interesting blogs out there on development, development economics and heterodox economics:

Do you think something is missing in this overview? Please leave a comment below or e-mail me your suggestions. I’ll be happy to add more journals, blogs, and textbooks to the resources page.

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